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grünes blatt is a magazine for grassroots environmentalism. It has been published from 1995 - first as the Greenkids e.V. members' magazine, later independent in the SeitenHieb publishing house. The topical focus and the design of the publication changed during the decades again and again. First focus was on local environmental issues in Magdeburg, the registered office of the association. Then the fields of interest were expanded on additional social and political topics, and eventually covers as well international issues.

A specialty of this newspaper project is its open orientation: there is no central editorial staff executing censorship with regards to contents nor in ideological respect. Instead, emphasis is placed on an atmosphere of constructive debate. Thus, problematic contents can be used to directly critize and to provide arguments.

grünes blatt is a hands-on magazine. It is based on voluntary commitment of participating people and encourages its readers to take actively part: in writing articles, layout, distribution, and also to develop the wiki website, create templates for advertisement to be published by other magazines for free for us, and more. In all fields everyone can join. Similar to the editorial circle, in layout and other working fields are also no closed structures, but they are based on commitment and activity of the readers and other supporters.

Currently grünes blatt is released three to for times a year, mostly with 50-70 pages of content. The subscription is 15 euros for four editions. We have continuous coverage in the energy, free technology, GMO, prison, human-animal-relation and militarization columns. A sample number can be ordered for free at mail ÄTT[1] or requested in the project house.

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